Amelia's Bath Bombs product

Busy Bee Candles

The Busy Bee Candles range from Amelia'sBath Bombs are the perfect way to relax when you have your bath and unwind. 

With candle sizes and scents to suit everyone, they smell as fabulous as they look and last a lot longer than standard candles. 

The Busy Bee candle brand is well known and if you have not tried them before then you are a really missing out: With elegant candles in jars, the magic beans range (for melting in an oil burner), the mini Busy Bee  jar range and the gorgeous little wax tarts, there really is something for everyone and every budget. 

The dreamy scents are equally amazing in or outside of the bathroom so why not pick a few scents and try them in different rooms to help you unwind after  rough day!