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The Ultimate guide to a Relaxing Bath.

Friday, 3 July 2015  |  Jayme Dixon


Step 1 - Light your candles (Busy Bee Candles are amazing, find them here.) and place in safe areas of your bathroom. If you have enough room to place them around the edge of your bathtub, do that.

Step 2 - Play some of your favourite tunes. (I recommend Paolo Nutini’s Caustic Love)

Step 3 - Pick one of your favourite Amelia’s Bath Bombs! I suggest Cherry Coconut Perfectly Paired Bath Bomb or Living the Dream Bath Cake.

Step 4 - Start running water until desired temperature is reached then put your plug in and then pop in your Bath Bomb.

Step 5 - Pour yourself your beverage of choice. For me it's whitewine. Then sit and relax.