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Friday, 03/07/2015

The Ultimate guide to a Relaxing Bath.

Amelia's Bath Bombs product

The Scents of Summer: Sparklin Apple Simply Bath Bombs

Thursday, 25 June 2015  |  Jayme Dixon


Summer is here at last! And we’re going to celebrate by blogging about all our beautiful summery Bath Bomb and Soapy Treats. To kick it off here’s our Gorgeous Green Apple Scented Sparklin’ Apple Bath Bomb. The Freshness of this Apple scent will refresh you to your core.

 Do you know they say an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well they’d be correct!

The aroma of apples has been known to alleviate headaches and be an almighty stress reducer. Crisp, fresh and just a little bit tangy, these bath bombs will leave you feeling as yummy as a golden apple and as warm as an apple pie! So try our Simply Bath bombs in Sparklin' Apple, you'll love it! 


So why choose Amelia’s Bath Bombs?


 Amelia's Simply Bath Bombs comes in a variety of gentle, long lasting scents and colours. They create a lovely and relaxing experience.We stock a huge range all with their own scents and personalities to suit pretty much anyone. So try any that take your fancy, pick the bath bombs you love the most and leave a review; we'd love to hear from you!  Simply Bath Bombs weigh approximately 160 grams each and are roughly 70mm diameter. Colour and Size may vary