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Nifty Fifties Jumbo Bath Bomb

Nifty Fifties Jumbo Bath Bomb




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Fill your bath with lovely warm water and now get in that lovely warm bath, drop your bath bomb into the water and enjoy!
Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, maize starch, sodium silicate, parfum, olive oil, ci 11680, 77266, 42090, 19140, 15985, 14700, 17200, 77891,180g.

Weighing approximately 200 grams.

There is a distinctly retro scent about this Nifty Fifties jumbo bath bomb. 

It's perfumed and fragrant with a floral vibe that will make you buzz whilst this gently fizzes and dissolves into your hot bath. It's quite a strong scent that will hark you back to the glorious yesteryears when the ladies were glamorous and the world was full of technological wonderment! 

Shea butter will leave your skin feeling amazing like the heroine in a black and white sci-fi film... Of course you may just be a fan of the 50's. In which case you'll likely love this!

Colour, Appearance and Size may vary. 

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