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Dewberry Splash Simply Bath Bomb

Dewberry Splash Simply Bath Bomb




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Fill your bath with lovely warm water and now get in that lovely warm bath, drop your bath bomb into the water and enjoy!


Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Maize Starch,
Sodium Silicate, Parfum, Olive oil, Colouring.

The fresh, fruity, floral and nearly forgotten Dewberry is truly a treasure in our arsenal of scents. If you are feeling adventurous give the Dewberry Splash Simply Bath Bomb a go.

Dewberry bath bombs are very similar to blackberry. With a delicious berry scent combined with the clean, crisp, fresh smell of all the Amelia's Bath Bomb range! You'll come out smelling good enough to eat after relaxing with this yummy scent... And of course, very, very chilled out like a Dewberry Sorbet!

Colour and Size may vary. 

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